Pet Sitting

We are professional Raleigh pet sitters!

Welcome to SIX FORKS Pet Sitting! We are professional Raleigh pet sitters serving North Raleigh and Midtown Raleigh in North Carolina.

A typical dog sitting visit includes a fun walk/playtime in your fenced yard, fresh food and water, cleaning up after your dog, administering medication, offering yummy treats, and lots of love and attention for all types of dogs, big or small.

A typical cat sitting visit includes playtime with their favorite toys or laser, providing fresh food and water, cleaning the litter box, administering medication (if necessary), offering treats, brushing, and plenty of pets and cuddles.

Our compassionate service caters to the needs of senior pets and those diagnosed with diabetes, ensuring they receive patient understanding and empathetic care. We recognize the unique challenges that come with age and medical conditions, which is why we’re dedicated to making sure your furry friend receives top-notch treatment, including expert administration of insulin injections.

At Six Forks Pet Sitting, we not only provide excellent care for your pets, but also create a detailed report of their visits, including notes and photos. This report can be accessed through an app on your phone while you are away from home.

While you are away, we also tend to your home. Our complementary services include collecting mail and packages at the front door, watering plants, rolling garbage cans to the curb, and maintaining bird feeders and birdbaths.

Our standard pet sitting visit is priced at $30, with a typical duration of 30 minutes based on your unique pet care requirements. We charge for the time spent caring for your pets in your home, not per pet. Every household and pet situation is different, so please contact us for more information.

Overnight care is priced at $110, which includes a standard evening and morning pet sitting experience, as well as cuddling with your pets all night. We only charge $11 per hour to ensure that your furry friends feel safe in the comfort of their own home while you are away.

Due to the increasing demand for professional pet sitters, particularly during weekends and holidays when Raleigh pet sitters are busier than usual, it is highly recommended that you book your preferred slot well in advance. This will ensure that a qualified sitter can be secured for your furry friends.

Dog Walking

We are professional Raleigh dog walkers!

For those who spend all day away from home or work from home and need a tired and content pup to focus on conference calls and Zoom meetings, our daily dog walking service is the perfect solution. We offer a 30-minute stroll around your neighborhood or playtime in your fenced yard, depending on your preference. We believe that your furry friend deserves our undivided attention, which is why we do not offer pack walks with multiple households. During your allocated time slot, your dog will be the only one walking with us. This gives them ample time for a potty break and to explore their surroundings while getting some exercise.

Other Pets & More

We are professional Raleigh pet sitters!

At Six Forks Pet Sitting and Dog Walking, we are committed to providing comprehensive care for all of your pets and home. As part of our commitment to ensuring that your pets are happy and healthy, we offer a range of additional services to meet your needs.

We understand that finding reliable and trustworthy home care can be challenging, but our professional Raleigh pet sitters are here to help. Pets come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we offer care for birds, bunnies, hamsters, fish and any other unique pet you may have.

Finally, we provide plant and wildlife habitat maintenance. Clients in Raleigh cherish their gardens and bird feeders, valuing our care while they’re away. We understand the significance of your plants and bird feeders, and we commit to providing excellence care.

Our standard pet sitting service for small cage pets, or home care for bird feeders and plant care, is priced at $25 for a 20-minute visit.